Okay, with that taken care of, what the hell are you thinking with Liz Montalbano and her retarded article about a hypocritical band ("On the Dark Side," February 10)? The article starts off with how members of this band Death Takes a Holiday are all great guys, and then makes some reference to a Phoenix band trying to be the next big thing. The fellas from Death Takes a Holiday are appalled about how some other paper devoted an entire story to how an unnamed band is marketing itself and didn't even talk about its music. "The subject of 'artists' whoring themselves to the music industry strikes a serious chord with [DTAH singer Pete] Hinz." It dawned on me, as this lame article came to a close, that Hinz was so angry because the article dealt with nothing on the music end of the spectrum and only how the band wants to be perceived. I don't know if it was Montalbano's intention to make these poseurs look stupid, but her whole article described how Death Takes a Holiday is all about its music, which did little to explain their sound, except for one cookie-cutter description about being "arty punk/pop" and a few lame comparisons to the Pixies and how they don't sound like Limp Bizkit. This acted as a guide to some uncared-about band's stale, has-been politics. Everybody knows the "music biz" is about selling out, and it makes me sick to hear the same shit from these middle-aged, would-be rock stars. (You know if they got offered a million dollars for their next recording, they would grab it). This shit about how no bands want to write good songs now. If you are just listening to the radio all day, you are hearing Ricky Martin and Backstreet Boys.

So that whole, nobody-wants-to-write-good-songs bullshit was just all stupid. "There's just no soul in fucking music anymore -- it's pathetic." No, you are pathetic, Liz, for writing it, and Rich VanSyckel is stupid for thinking it, and annoying for saying it.

Then Hinz goes on to talk about the underground scene being dead. If Death Takes a Holiday is considered "underground" or "indie rock," then well said. But anyone who champions Michael Stipe as a hero has no clue as to what the underground scene should look like, anyway.

Pete Hinz and company need to stop listening to anything to the right of 91.5 on the radio dial, and not only shut up, but stop playing if all they are going to do is perpetuate lame politics and lame music and take up space in venues where people could be getting drunk.

New Times has an incredible opportunity to inform the average human about what else is out there, and you should utilize your space not only for good writers but also bands who are going to say something worthwhile, or, at the very least, keep their boring comments to themselves. At least Trashman was entertaining even if he only stuck with the tried and true. But that stuff about getting his ass kicked in a downtown bar by talking shit about Van Halen, well, it was better than the shit you are putting out now.

Jake Sevier

Editor's note: Trashman returns in this very issue. Click HERE.

Music Man

Thanks for the well-researched article ("Commodore of Errors," Gilbert Garcia, January 27). You got a lot of dirt on this sham of a musician. I am a recording artist, and our record label is soon to be releasing an album for my group, the Flock. It is always nice to read an article related to the music business. I've been at it for years, and if you use some common sense and do your own research, it becomes very easy to differentiate the fakers "who like to name drop" from those who are true to the trade.

Marcus Heatherly

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