2000 Flourishes

Love As Laughter updates its rock for all ages with Destination 2000

Destination 2000 also marks the band's first record on Sub Pop. Being with a bigger label has its benefits, as Sub Pop handles all the extra hassles, such as securing a booking agent, setting up promotion and getting ahold of club owners. "I hate dealing with anything but playing music, basically," he moans. "With a label like K, you're stuck doing a lot of the stuff yourself. Also, Sub Pop has a little more money to throw around, which is helpful because up until now, I've been putting all my own money into things like vans and equipment. I would do it anyway, regardless if somebody was giving me money or not. But it's a lot more helpful when we can move things along faster."

Like Jayne, Sub Pop seems to have weathered its share of indie identity problems. "I think people are still confused about what Sub Pop is or what they want to do," says Jayne. "They have a lot of 'new rock' bands that they want to keep going with. They just want to keep it all rock, I guess. Try to go back to what they initially started, doing young rock bands."

Jayne hasn't severed his association with K Records, though, as the label will soon be releasing a CD of home recordings Jayne has stockpiled, called Through the Past Brightly Vol 1. "Some of it's been released on compilations, but most of it's just been sitting on tapes that I've had forever. I've got enough for a couple of discs. The first one's got 21 songs. I used to record tons of shit. It's just lately, with the way I have my job and the way LAL has been going, mostly I just have enough time to play and work, work on these side projects and get out of town."

Love As Laughter: They do it all for you  --  by order of diminishing height (and, yes, this is the best picture they had).
Love As Laughter: They do it all for you -- by order of diminishing height (and, yes, this is the best picture they had).

This latest exodus involves quitting some jobs, as Jayne gleefully reports. "I got my last day on Monday. I wait tables and I'm a bartender. I don't mind being a bartender so much. But being a waiter is a little more of a burn. I'll never get out of the food industry. I'm stuck here for the rest of my life. I'll never get out."

Just for the record, Jayne always has careers as "String and Coil Vibration Coordinator" and "Microphone Diaphragm Testing" to fall back on.

Love As Laughter is scheduled to perform on Wednesday, March 8, at Modified, with Alkaline Trio, and Honor System. Showtime is 9 p.m.

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