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Even so, I love Vincent's duck tamales and quesadillas, and it's nice to have the recipes.

The best Arizona cookbook is a surprise. I would never have expected to fall in love with a low-cal cookbook. If the book is any indication of the quality of food and service, a visit to Canyon Ranch in Tucson is probably worth going into a little debt.

Canyon Ranch Cooking is worth every bit of its $40 price tag. The recipes are simple, the ingredient combinations are inspired and flavor is never lost as a result of cutting out a few calories. How about guacamole made with asparagus instead of avocados? Fruit gazpacho? White bean soup with pesto?

These recipes are so good no one will ever know they're eating a healthful meal.

A good cookbook is a treasure to people who like to cook.

Deciding which cookbook to buy isn't always an easy task, because it takes more than a good cook to write an inspired cookbook.

Of course, at least in theory, if you gave an infinite number of chuck-wagon cooks an infinite number of typewriters, one of them would eventually write The Joy of Cooking.

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