Naval Gazing

Let's have a look at John McCain's military personnel file

Instead, the McCainistas have paraded their man through L.A.'s Little Saigon. They've dug up the guy who dragged McCain from the Hanoi lake where his plane crashed and got him to tell the world that the former Navy pilot is really an okay guy. (Like he would know; I doubt the dragger and draggee stopped that day for tea and a chat.)

I don't care if John McCain likes spring rolls, and frankly, after the Chelsea Clinton joke, why would anyone be surprised that the guy calls 'em "gooks"? If the American electorate is going to forgo any meaningful discussions about health care and environmental protections for talk about "gooks," the least we deserve is some fodder worthy of Prime Time.

Joe Forkan

What have you got to hide, Senator McCain?

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