Tommy Boy

"Right now, it's the first time in my life that I have had a voice. I can talk now. I sing. You know what my album is full of? My album is full of the truth. That's what that album's about."

BB: "Do you think that there are people that really care?"

TL: "I know me. If I hear a song that is really amazing, man, that shit just hits home hard. You know what I'm saying? I think that no matter if you are younger or older and you still like music, it still touches you, man. So, I don't know, you kinda hafta.... Music is my favorite thing in my life."

Rand Carlson

BB: "What is the song 'Hypocritical' about?"

TL: "I started writing that, and it's like, you know, this is important, this is really important. Who sets the standards, who sets the lines. Who, you? Meaning yourself. Or did they rule your mind, the fucking media. I have noticed the most unbelievable things this last year that I just had to share. I would watch shit on TV about my life. I'd be flipping through the channels and be going, 'That's fucking bullshit. That's not fucking true.' So I am sitting there going, 'I gotta write about this.'

"[It's] my own life on TV, and they are fucking up all the details. Where are they getting this in-fucking-formation from? So I am sitting there and my mind starts to go, 'Man, if they can't get my puny-ass fucking little life, if they can't get those little details right, what am I watching when I watch the fucking president or when I watch some war shit happening overseas? Or when I watch hunger in another country? Am I getting some watered-down, jacked-up version of what's really happening? Yeah, probably. That's my message to everybody. Being the age that I am, I have seen this movie. I have seen it change over time, dude, and I just, I want the fucking young kids of the world to fucking pay attention at what's up."

BB: "I know I am not supposed to ask any Crüe questions. But one is okay, isn't it? On VH1's Behind the Music special featuring Mötley Crüe, Vince Neil was talking about Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle who was killed in a drunk-driving tragedy. Razzle was a passenger in the car driven by Neil. Neil literally called himself the O.J. of the '80s. What did it feel like to be in a band with a singer who said that he got away with murder? What were you thinking when he said that?"

TL: "I have no idea, you know? I just couldn't believe he said that. Vince was probably really hung over or still drunk that day. Because that's just how he operates, ya know? I really feel sorry for him. I wish that one day he would fuckin ..."

BB: "Is he really that bad of a drunk, that he's always drunk?"

TL: "... Well ..."

(The PR flack chimes in with a warning here: "You guys, it's all good now.")

TL: "Busted!"

BB: "What do you say when people accuse you of wanting to be black?"

TL: "Oh, my God, that is so funny, man. I actually laugh at that. To me that's just the biggest sign of ignorance. Like, it's like, they're just flying the huge ignorance flag. Because, you know, when people say that, like, I just start laughing, 'cause I am like, 'You guys have got to be fucking kidding me, right?'

"I am fucking, a fuckin' white boy who doesn't think he's black, ain't tryin' to be black. I am a fucking drummer, okay? I am a drummer who has mad fucking rhythms goin' at all times. And to me, I just see it as a natural progression for me to fucking be singing, but be singing in rhythmic fashion. I'm a drummer. You know what, bro? You can fucking call it whatever you want, but that's what rap music is. It's a vocal being delivered rhythmically. And I'm a drummer, so here you go.... That's when I laugh. I go, yeah, I'm trying to be black, fuckin' dildos. You know? I'm a drummer."

BB: "What are you trying to do?"

TL: "Here's what I would love to see, okay? I look out from the stage and see the little fuckin' hip-hoppers over here, fuckin' boppin' and fuckin' dancin'. You see the little fuckin' raver kids with their glow sticks fuckin' doin' their trip here. You see the fuckin' metal heads down in the front with their fuckin' leather jackets on. You see the fuckin', you know what I mean? I want to bring a bunch of people together who may not have all got together. You know what I mean? It would be so cool, man, ya know?"

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