Music Showcase 2000

48 locals have their run of the Mill

And what of the Americana category? In addition to the aforementioned Truckers on Speed and Nitpickers, we have rural twangers Flathead, and for those of you who can't seem to satisfy your deep yearning for bluegrass, we bring you the mighty Pearl Chuckers (feel free to insert your own Deliverance joke here).

Never one to ignore prevailing stylistic trends (no matter how much we're inclined to do so), we've also created a new hard/modern rock grouping, rife with angry young funk rockers like Tolerance, rap-metal mavens 46-14 and Bionic Jive, and the hard-core guitar-centric sound of Crushed.

But see, that's the beauty of the New Times showcase. We've got something for everyone -- blues, country, punk, rock -- you name it. As a post-showcase bonus, we also have a special treat for the kiddies, the high-energy kineticism of New York ska-punks the Slackers and the radio-ready sounds of the Flys.

Hopefully, all that will be enough to sate the appetite of even the most ravenous music fan. And if not, there's always the 2001 showcase, where we'll have different categories, different bands and, who knows, maybe even a Hayden Square duet with David Bowie strapping on his red shoes and dancing the blues with young Americans 'N Sync. Until next year, then, bye, bye, bye.

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