Salad Genes

"My best analogy is that it's like the microwave oven fears when they first came out," says Umeda. "Remember how people thought they were going to have to wear lead aprons in the kitchen?"

And the bottom line: Food's taste can only be enhanced, say the experts, citing a new biotech corn engineered for sweetness. "While I'm absolutely convinced that anything grown in my garden will taste incomparably better, since it's so fresh, I like the reliability promised by [GM] foods," says Beeson. "It's a chef's daily job to source out the best every day anyway. If scientists can come up with a way to make food taste better and still be safe, then God bless them."

After Dinner Mint: Eddie Matney's is going Manhattan. His fine-dining room at 24th Street and Camelback is being converted into an upscale jazz club, moving away from its former seven-course-dinner concept. No food will be served in the as-yet-unnamed bar, but folks can still get Eddie's Mediterranean-style cuisine in his adjacent bistro. The bistro, by the way, is getting a makeover, too, with more than a quarter-million dollars invested in cushy sofas and over-the-top details like hand-blown light bulbs. The bistro remains open for lunch and dinner through the construction; the club's grand opening is scheduled for next month.

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