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East Valley hip-hoppers find a new sense of community at an unlikely place and time

Similarly esoteric, the Drunken Immortals combine elements of jazz and funk in their hip-hop mix, with a drummer who rivals most DJs' beat-dropping skills, coupled with MCs Cause and Brad B, who bounce lyrics back and forth like Ping-Pong balls. "The crowd down here is so diverse, it's not necessarily a hip-hop thing. We love hip-hop, we do hip-hop, but the whole thing is unity," Cause explains.

"It's a whole other generation coming up. The difference is that it's not such a selective group of people doing it and going to see it. We brought together the Sub Society (a Tempe skateboard shop) kids, the hip-hop kids, the punk kids; more and more diverse people show up every Tuesday," says sound engineer and behind-the-scenes mastermind Devin Kelley.

With the evolution of Tuesday nights and the constant introduction of new and unexpected talents into the mix, what happens next is the obvious question. Kelley is talking to the bar's management and local artists about collaborating on an art and music festival, and he'd also like to introduce Tempe artist/anarchist collective Mob Action's projects into the mix. "Politically, they've got a lot to say and they're so on-point -- people need that. It needs to be brought out."

Roadhouse grooves: My Friend Andy (foreground) and Stefascope throw down their own 1-2 punch
Paolo Vescia
Roadhouse grooves: My Friend Andy (foreground) and Stefascope throw down their own 1-2 punch

Stefascope has his own ideas for the bar. "We want to see this place progress, bring in more than hip-hop, bring in more local rock talent, more stuff like the fuckin' Daggers. And I was talking to Shawn about putting an electric bull outside. We'd really like to see that happen." Thoughtfully, My Friend Andy adds, "Our music would go perfect with riding an electric bull, I can totally see that."

"1-2 Punch," featuring Stefascope and My Friend Andy, and the Drunken Immortals, is held Tuesday nights at the Arizona Roadhouse Brewery in Tempe. Showtime is 9 p.m.

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