Letters 05-25-2000

Musicians should be paid according to their works; I don't deny this, but I don't think we should be fleeced in the process.

Michael Perkins

Proud Plainsman

Husker due: In "The Spice of Death" ( Flashes, May 4), I assume that the Flash's reference to the two "mature" couples as "possibly from Nebraska" was meant to be funny. Your "mature" couples could have been from California, New York, Florida or any other state in the U.S. Gosh, considering the level of intelligence demonstrated in the Arizona Legislature or the degree of class at the Arizona State Fair (where there are more tattoos and toothless smiles than anywhere else I have seen), those "mature" couples could have been your Arizona-born grandparents.

Maybe you think that people from Nebraska are simple-minded farm folk who do nothing but tend to the crops, obsess on college football and spend Saturday nights at the pool hall eating turkey fries and swilling beer. I've traveled to 25 countries on five continents, and I have never found it embarrassing to say that I was born and reared in Nebraska. Considering a few individuals -- Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, William Jennings Bryan, Warren Buffett, Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett, Willa Cather, Montgomery Clift, James Coburn, Sandy Dennis, Henry Fonda, Gerald Ford, Marg Helgenberger, Swoosie Kurtz, Nick Nolte, Hilary Swank and Robert Taylor -- from the long list of native Nebraskans, I think I'm in great company.

Ken Jackman

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