Pop Tarts

'N SYNC's Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears live and love at the top of the pops. Or do they?

Spank me baby one more time.

Date: 4/27/2000 2:29 a.m.
Subject: Don't worry, I'll show you.

I know what you mean about Carson. He was coming out of Christina's dressing room after she was on TRL a few weeks ago, and wanted to know if you and I were into "swapping." At first, I was like, "Uh, what? Like lunches?" I think that scared him off, because then he started the full-court press on that Jessica Simpson skank. "I'm going to wait until marriage?" Yeah, more like, "I'm going to wait until the rest of the Backstreets get back from scoring some rock in Central Park."

Speaking of "rock," we were hanging out backstage a few nights ago, and this total homeless guy came, like, running up, saying he had something to tell us. At first, we had fun watching Frank and Tony from security snap his fingers one at a time. Then, Joey and Chris thought it would be funny if we made him try to do one of our routines. (Actually, they thought it would be funny if Frank and Tony took a leak on them, so we said what the hell. Sorry, Joey was milling around and I didn't want him knowing I told you. BTW, the girl he's trying to pick up right now can't be more than 11 or 12. Now do you believe me?)

ANYWAY -- haha! -- the homeless guy said his name was Danny Wood, and that he used to be in New Kids on the Block or something like that. Wasn't that a group from, like, the '50s or something? Like I would even care. And you should totally sue your mom. We can get matching bubblegum-pink Bentleys and be the new Puffy and Jennifer!

I'll hit you two more times!

'N SYNC is scheduled to perform on Monday, June 5, and Tuesday, June 6, at America West Arena, with Sisqo, and Pink. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Both concerts are sold out.

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