Grave Undertaking

Horrors of El Salvador massacre are exhumed in award-winning local documentary

Levy believes that the locally produced documentary portends an important step forward in the development of the Valley's slowly emerging independent-film community.

Although he's guardedly optimistic about prospects for a lively and active local film scene in the Valley, Levy is an enthusiastic, hands-on booster of independent film here. Two years ago, he launched the Scottsdale Independent Film Fest at Scottsdale Center for the Arts and plans to start the Scottsdale Film Society in conjunction with the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, which will sponsor an annual contest for the best Arizona-made feature beginning in 2001. It was Levy who presented the first Valley screening of Pasa Un Angel in Scottsdale.

As Levy points out, the Valley may well be the sixth most populous place in the nation, but "it's the only major metropolitan center that doesn't have a real international film festival. I think we're moving in the right direction, but we'll see," Levy says. "I have high hopes, but I have more realistic expectations. Film communities are not born, but created. The foundations are there."

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