For the week of 06-15-2000

Rabid Dogs

Justice denied: Well done, Michael Lacey ("Bad Dog," June 1). Thanks for pointing out how a repugnant gang from Gilbert needed to be prosecuted as sure as any south Phoenix gang. The slap on the wrist handed down will only encourage more violence in Gilbert. How many random shootings in grocery-store parking lots or beatings at drive-throughs must be endured before prosecutors do their jobs? Perhaps they are more worried about the rich gang members' parents than the violence of the gang itself. This is a story that needed to be told as only New Times can tell it. Don't expect a spin like this from Phoenix's other newspapers.

D. Hayes
via Internet

White guilt: I am tired of the constant harping that because you are white you are supposed to feel guilty, and every Mexican's and nigger's well-being is our personal responsibility. It is time they grow up and be men and quit whining. They are their own worst enemy. I do not wish America to become another Mexico or Africa, both of which are corrupt and backward, and that is because niggers and Mexicans run them. Why would you want them to run America? Let them show they can run their countries first. Stop the white guilt trip!

John Sheehan
Sun City

Incomparable: Shame, shame on Michael Lacey for his very biased report on the Devil Dogs. How dare he compare a "small teen beating" to a brutal raping of a retarded girl. What is this racial instigator thinking? It's disgusting how some journalists twist and turn stories just to make the lead story. The low-life Crips who raped the little girl were not sentenced in my eyes severely enough, and the young Devil Dogs were punished too harshly. They should have been sent to a rehab center for the steroid abuse, and the beating incident could have been handled in civil court. Once again, sad story, grossly blown out of proportion.

Steve Sandlin

Pathetic and sad: The sentencing of the Devil Dogs was pathetic, sad and ridiculous. The attorney stating that it was over nothing more than a "broken nose" is truly one of the reasons our country has its priorities backward. If that same gang of individuals were busted selling a sack of buds or some other recreational mood enhancer like it, they would be facing much tougher penalties (e.g., Gravano). This sends a clear message to our youth and our entire culture that extreme random and senseless violence (e.g., Columbine) is not only okay but validated by our lack of concern and popularizing of it.

Brandon Norris

Barking up wrong tree: I just read your article on the Devil Dogs. I have no use for the police or legal system. However, I do think that you were slightly off base on the Devil Dogs. When you compare the Dogs and the Crips, they are alike and very different. True, both are gangs and different races, but the crimes they committed were different and the punishment as prescribed by law is different and that's most likely why they were handled differently. Therefore, race should not have been brought into your article as a reason for the difference. The charge of rape has always carried long-term prison sentences for both black and white men and even women in recent times. Assault has always carried shorter penalties than rape. So, like it or not, the two above cases got their just due. So as much as it appears that you and I don't like the Devil Dogs, they were treated fairly even if their victims weren't.

I would suggest you be careful talking racism. Sure, there are more minorities than whites in prison, but there are far more of them out doing crime -- taking drugs, dealing drugs, rape, murder, robbery, drive-by shootings, gang activity, etc. Prison is full of criminals who put themselves there. Complaints that the law is unfair with minorities is pure bullcrap. Rather than try to put more whites in prison, minorities would be much better off "policing their ranks." Those who obey the laws and live peacefully are being accepted and blending in with their fellow Americans. Sad to say, many of them remain lawless, angry and hostile to most other people. As such, they are prime candidates for an encounter with the police/prison.

Why don't you use your articles to present the idea of social reform for the hostile minorities here in the beautiful Valley of the Sun?

Name withheld by request

Bought and sold: I thought the article was great. I guess having money means I can kick the shit out of anybody and get away with it. I'd rather be poor.

Sandra Lesch
via Internet

"Big cowards": My wife and I just finished reading the "Bad Dog" article. It should have been titled "Big Cowards!" We were both appalled and outraged at not only the repeated acts of violence these punks get away with, and the obvious condoning and approval by their "parents," but by the total lack of brain power by the county attorney. Sounds like the prosecutor is not only a white racist himself, but also a complete mental midget.

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