For the week of 06-15-2000

Ethan and Kim Dean

Gilbert gripe: I am usually against lawsuits, but I hope the Devil Dogs' families get sued into poverty. Their actions of gang-beating random people to disfigurement and near-death are an abomination! The City of Gilbert should be ashamed of itself for letting something like this happen more than once. What kind of parents raised them? I hope the parents of Kenneth Couturier, Barry Nutter, Michael Spears and Kevin Papa realize that they are personally responsible for putting people on this Earth who have caused harm and permanent damage to other people, who are just trying to live their lives.

How would you like it if you or your son were just sitting in a car, out in public, minding your own business, and were randomly attacked by a group of nine bullies? The thing is, pieces of trash like Couturier, Nutter, Spears and Papa were given light sentences, so it doesn't seem like they will be reformed. The citizens of Gilbert need to look into what was going on behind the scenes politically, to see whose families are friends with whose in the justice system, because it looks like more people's sons are going to get randomly beat up.

Name withheld by request

Spears and Arrows

Hoppin' mad: If you actually think anyone would believe this bullshit ("Pop Tarts," June 1) you made up, you're out of your fucking mind! I can't believe you want to trick people into believing this trash! You know there are, like, stupid people out there who might actually take this seriously and it'll ruin their 9-year-old minds thinking that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are both nymphos, and it'll be your fault. I can't believe you'd want to disgrace people like this. Thank God I'm a smart girl, or else I might've actually thought this was true! Stop printing this shit, or you're going to have a lawsuit on your ass.

Allie Hopper
Longmont, Colorado

Oops, we're busted: Nice try, guys! Your obviously fabricated attempt to piss off the Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears fans became all the more pathetically transparent when you quoted "Britney" in the first e-mail, "Did you see me on the cover of Rolling Stone a couple of weeks ago?" That e-mail was dated 4-26-00. The Rolling Stone cover "she" referred to was the May 25 issue! Which I received on May 16! I know that teenybopper fans can be vicious at the slightest criticism of their idols, but this gag is rather petty! I would not be surprised if you get sued!

J.R. Flowers

Idle worship: After reading the article "Pop Tarts," I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, the article was really funny, but what person would have the time to write the "e-mails" and stuff? Definitely a person with no life. But that is beside the point. I just wanted to say that the article was really funny and certainly made my day brighter.

Ashley Reder

Fargo grump: I may not be a genius, but I know those e-mails are total BS. Jeez, even Forrest Gump wouldn't believe that garbage for a nanosecond. No, I'm not naive, either. You guys should just grow up. And yes, I have a sense of humor, but I'm not laughing at this f****** s***. You guys couldn't be farther from the truth.

Paul Fritz
Fargo, North Dakota

So not cool: It is easy to joke about a "boy band" member and a pop princess. They are not on the top of many popularity lists for adults. But this "joke" was not very funny. While most adults can tell that this was a fabrication, these musicians have fans who are much younger and will believe your "article." Amazingly enough, there was no signature to this fine piece of writing (gee, I guess someone drew the short stick in the meeting that morning and did not want to fess up that they wasted four years getting a journalism major so they could write lies and rumors). I find it despicable that you would write such trash but still use these two people to sell your paper. I guess the line between reputable paper and tabloid becomes fuzzier and fuzzier with time. Next time, hire some real reporters who believe in writing about the truth and not some lame excuse for a "joke," because we are not laughing.

Sarah Wiles
Salt Lake City, Utah

Hate mail: How fake was that Justin-Britney e-mail? You people make me sick. I hope you all rot in hell for making people's lives miserable. Don't you all have a life? I hate you all who believe this and the editors for placing this story.

Melissa Wagon
Las Vegas, Nevada

Chaste stars? I was totally disgusted by this article. It not only insulted the artists but their fans as well! If this author didn't like the artists, then he/she shouldn't have written the article. And as for them not being virgins, just because they are famous doesn't mean they can't stay a virgin! And even if they weren't, it's none of my business or yours!

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