Bottle Fatigue

No more "Chardonnays that taste like baseball bats"

Hey, could you pass the possum, please?

After Dinner Mint: My life is now complete. I won a Ladmo Bag at last week's Herberger Theater presentation of The Wallace & Ladmo Show. It's about time. I was at the final performance when the show ended in 1989, and somehow Alice Cooper managed to snag what surely was intended to be my bag. Ever wonder what's contained in the celebrity sack? My haul included: two packets Reese's Pieces; one packet corn nuts; one bag jelly beans; one bag Fritos; one box Lorna Doone cookies; two packets Cocoa Rice Krispies Treats; one multi-pack Tootsie Roll Pops; and one can Dad's Root Beer. Only two bags were given away during the play, and no, I'm not sharing.

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