For the week of 06-29-2000

Lopez also believes that since illegal aliens are here and are driving anyway, the state might as well sanction it by giving them licenses. What about just enforcing the law? How about cooperating with the federal government in apprehending and deporting illegal aliens, and imposing a 10-day stay in a county jail for anyone (illegal alien or citizen) caught driving without a license?

Ira Mehlman
Marina del Rey, California

Southern exposure: Very well-written story that covers a lot of the angles of a problem that has its roots in the flood of immigrants (illegal and otherwise) coming across the border. The federal government is merely reaping what it has sown, after years of ignoring the problems in Mexico and South America.

I watch as big business exports jobs to "Third World" countries and floods parts of this country with "legally sanctioned" workers to supposedly do what Americans won't. We might as well give Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico back to the Mexican government.

I watched a young Mexican man come into the Chandler MVD office and apply for a license. He had no social security number, no birth certificate, couldn't speak English and probably couldn't read the license manual. But he was ready to drive. I am sure he didn't know or care about what "auto insurance" was, either.

Either open the borders or build another Berlin Wall. You can't have it both ways. This driver's license problem is just the tip of a very huge iceberg.

Vincent Speshock
via Internet

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