Letters 07-06-2000

Of Bias and Guilt

Of Bias and Guilt

Worthy discussion: Regarding John Sheehan's letter to the editor (June 15), which was written in response to Michael Lacey's June 1 piece, "Bad Dog": I've always wondered whether espousing some crazy right-wing fundamentalist theory in a public forum just to encourage discussion of an unpopular issue would be a positive step to advance social justice and understanding. Now I know it works.

Mr. Sheehan puts forth views that are spoken about regularly in barbershops, exclusive private clubs, backrooms of Republican political campaign headquarters and attorney lounges around the country. Rarely does one have the opportunity to actually hear a public expression of these sentiments. I suspect cowardice is the reason.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the expression of sustainable humanity that was expressed in response to Mr. Sheehan's letter.

Thanks, Mr. Sheehan, for reminding us that we're all human.

As for Mr. Sheehan (and all the other racist bigots out there): The map of the human genome has been completed, showing the world that the differences among the human species in terms of race are one-tenth of 1 percent of the DNA in our bodies. Like seeing the image of the earth from outer space or discovering that the sun does not orbit the earth, we have seen the last of the reasoning for bigotry based on race or sexual orientation thrown out the window.

That fact is, we're all pretty much the same. Racism (indeed most isms) are unethical, not sustainable, and based on lies.

Black, white, yellow, brown, together we are the human race. Let's move on and explore the universe.

James Bailey

Editor's note: A reminder to readers -- the John Sheehan who wrote the letter that has evoked so much response has an UNLISTED telephone number. Anyone who dials a listing for John Sheehan is NOT calling the author of the letter.

White power: I would like to send a message to the author of "Devolution" in the Letters section of your June 8 issue. This message is also for the rest of the human race to ponder.

You say, "The very mention of white supremacy sends a shiver down my spine. The more groups like this that are allowed to grow and flourish, the more desensitized the general public becomes to them."

Well, my name is A. Gene Kelso, and I'm a white supremacist. You imply in your letter that you believe in morality. Then you make it clear how much you despise me. And you want the police to stop me from organizing with other white supremacists. You want to prevent me from possibly starting another holocaust.

My first response to you is to point out that if you really believe in morality, then it necessarily follows that you must believe in truth. False statements tend to undercut any would-be moral principles. Evidence (truth) proves my belief in white supremacy. You can look at the long line of great white scientists. For example, Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday were both English. Or you can read the book, The Bell Curve, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt a clear superiority of white mental capacity, on average, compared to black mental capacity. I'm not talking, here, about morality. There's nothing wrong with some people being not as smart as some other people. I'm talking here about true or false. But how much evidence do people need before they will believe that the white race is more advanced than the black race in significant ways?

Even if you insist on believing that all men are really created equal, there is still no good reason, if you really believe in morality, if you really have love in your heart (which is what morality is really all about), for you or any good person to despise me, given the fact that I'm a truth-searcher, given the fact that I'm humble enough, of course, to admit that I'm wrong and change my beliefs if anyone could ever show me that I'm wrong. My enemies, always, are people who don't believe in any moral principle, people who are evil.

A final point in your letter that bothers me is your belief that another holocaust is possible unless my right to organize with other white supremacists is suppressed. But it's you who are guilty of an unjust heart. You and all the black thugs in the black neighborhoods in this country who would enjoy beating the crap out of me and killing me. Because they wouldn't survive much longer if a person like A. Gene Kelso ever came into power. It's evil people like you who aren't satisfied that the white males in America are already restricted from jobs and education to a great extent by the anti-discrimination laws and affirmative action laws. There are countless scholarships for minorities only and organizations for blacks only. But lower-class whites have no organization for whites only, nor rich families to help them. That's why you see lower-class blacks at Harvard but not lower-class whites.

But I don't believe that truth causes injustice; therefore white supremacy didn't cause the Jewish Holocaust. It was the evil in the hearts of evil people who twisted reason with Hitler's "big lies." The Nazi scientists were the best in the world. They, literally, were supreme. But false egalitarian beliefs do tend to lead to injustices such as the ones I've mentioned.

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