Letters 07-20-2000

White Heat - Balancing Act - Know Comprende - Kelley's Zeroes

Elitist? Sure, the little brats crashed our party and had nothing to add. But I'm just disturbed you would encourage them.

Yes, rock 'n' roll is for the young, but they should at least steal techno or something more current than try to fake like some kinda Dangerhouse band. Plus, I'm pretty sure their parents should have made them play more sports.

Brainless and blank is no way to go through life (if you're gonna be idiots, at least be inspired idiots like the Angry Samoans). Thanks for proving to me again why I should wait in line for WWF tickets instead of going to see bands. This is a pathetic era.

Stephen Paul Green


New Times erroneously reported that Devil Dog Barry Nutter was indicted in the beating of Jordan Jarvis ("Bad Dog," June 1). Nutter, who was recently released from jail for his role in another assault, was not charged in the Jarvis incident. We regret the error.

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