From the Week of July 27, 2000

So I went to see the movie, and I was shocked, because this movie was really good and a lot of fun! It had good special effects without relying on them. It had a lot of clever language, and so what if it didn't explore the development of the characters? If it had, it would have been three more hours long, and besides, I am sure most people (excluding your reviewer) already knew at least a little bit about the X-Men before buying a ticket.

Brian Myers
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Kansas' Twitty Bomber

Patch chord: This is in regard to Bill Blake's trashing of the new release by Kansas ( Trashman, July 13).Why bother if he wasn't even going to listen to it? He may not care for the band, but why make nasty remarks about Rich Williams' eye patch? He wears it because he lost the eye. They may be old, but they are a lot more talented than most of the groups of today.

Tim Ramsey


Holocaust and Effect

The exterminators: This is a response to the letter written by Jack Martin of Scottsdale (July 20). The word "Holocaust" means the attempted annihilation of the Jews by the Germans. There were many means of execution. The point is, it happened. There is so much evidence that backs the existence of the Holocaust. How do you explain bodies in the stoves and documentation of human experiments? What about the people who now have tattoos as a permanent reminder of the camps? You also stated that if Auschwitz were an experimentation camp, Anne Frank would have died there. The Germans did experimentations and executions at random. The only reason that all did not perish in the camps is because the Germans ran when they saw that the camps would be liberated and they were outnumbered. You, sir, need to relearn your history before you show your ignorance again.

Name withheld by request

Sniper space: The constant bickering back and forth between the white supremacists and those of us who live in reality is making me wonder if you should change the name of the column to "Letters From Jerry Springer." Can't we all agree that white supremacists are dangerous, ignorant fools? Good. Now let's get back to beating up on Joe Arpaio.

Scott Parker

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