Letters 08-10-2000

Altar Ego, Power of Babel...

As for me being "an idiot and a moron," I have a background in aerospace engineering, and am completely capable of building a hot rod from top to bottom. Bad workmanship is not a prerequisite for our type of cars. Style and attitude, however, are, and Readio obviously had no style and the wrong attitude.

If I wanted to be on your "common ground," I could easily build a soulless, boring, Chevy-powered, billet-wheeled street rod, be accepted by your kind and become a harmless member of your society. But why not just buy a Saturn and get it over with? As far as putting your hobby back decades, that's the whole point. The difference being, our thing is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle, and our type of cars is where your hobby came from. You just don't want to admit it.

So why don't you just go and put on your big white tennis shoes, your shorts, and your good-guys tee shirt, get back in your lawn chair and mind your own business? Better yet, why don't you come and call me a moron to my face?

Howard Greenfield

Squawking Papers

Boxing match: Loved the snippet in Flashes (July 20) regarding the battle brewing between Echo and Spectrum Weekly. You are too funny. Funnier still was the comment that Spectrum Weekly somehow copied the idea for street boxes.

As our advertising manager Leo Gonzales pointed out, "Spectrum Weekly has been in business for two months and Echo for 11 years. Who copied whom?" When Spectrum Weekly incorporated in April of 2000, we were public in our intention to buy the 40 boxes plus 50 wire racks. This information was in our business plan and posted on our Web site. Anyone could have seen our plans for improved circulation and market penetration.

As a proud New Times alum, I can say I learned the publishing business from the best. Professional distribution and street boxes will always be a key part of building our publication.

Steen Lawson
Publisher, Spectrum Weekly

History Clash

Dead issue: I wish to thank you for publishing "Gas War" written by Jack Martin of Scottsdale (Letters, July 20). All historical controversies should be subject to continuing and open debate. This is the only way we can hope to arrive at some semblance of the truth.

Bill Reedy

Blurred revision: There are none so blind as those who will not see. Jack Martin is a fanatical anti-Semite who cannot look beyond his obsessed hatred and anger. The Holocaust was a reality.

Not only were six million Jews killed, but so were many Catholics, Gypsies, disabled and gays. If Martin thinks the newsreels lie, if he ignores the eyewitness accounts, the Nuremberg trials, foreign governments that imprison revisionists and those who denied, there is nothing that will ever persuade him of the truth.

As a member of the Army of Occupation, I can testify to the ovens, the gassing facilities, to the piles of ashes of the dead in many camps, and where I cannot find a single trace of my father's Polish family. The quiet of the death camps was deafening. Too bad we don't have the revisionist laws that pertain across the sea. Our democratic laws give Martin the right to be an anus in the first degree.

Why do you give space to such a blight on society? Look upon this small mind with horror and pity.

A.M. Gottlieb

Eyewitness: Please tell Jack Martin that there are thousands of us ex-soldiers who can correct his thinking about the horrors that Hitler and his SS troops performed on non-complying citizens as well as Jews who were interned in the various death camps.

On April 4, 1945, my squad of mortar gunners, reassigned from the 93rd Chemical Warfare Battalion, was back about 800 yards behind the point of an armored scout car and trucks of infantry soldiers as we left the town of Ohrdruf, Germany, heading east. About a mile out of town our task force turned north, and in about another mile's travel we heard German machine guns being fired. You could tell they were German because the firing was irregular with a variable explosive report. (This was because the guns had been manufactured by prisoners who did their best to sabotage their products without being caught.)

While I didn't see it, I was told by an officer when the point commander deployed riflemen up on the wall around the enclosure and they shot and killed the three SS soldiers who were left to kill the last of the prisoners who were still alive. The bodies (probably 50 in number) were spread out over the small central open space that was behind the gate. The armored car smashed through the gate and the rest of us followed on foot into the camp.

We now know this as the Ohrdruf Prison Camp. Just inside the gate to the right were two killing ovens, each with four doors, into which these nearly starved bodies would be slid naked to be gassed. In the early days of the camp, gas was used as a killing agent. During this final stage of the war, they were building fires in the bottom of these ovens, and carbon monoxide was the killing agent.

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