Letters 08-10-2000

Altar Ego, Power of Babel...

Behind the ovens there was a wooden railroad boxcar resting on logs reaching across a pit into which the ashes of the boxcar would fall when they would burn it after it had been filled with bodies. The boxcar that was in place was about half full of bodies, which I estimated to be 100 or more.

Please tell Jack Martin the Holocaust did occur. I have pictures of what I saw.

I fully believe that most of the German people had no idea these death camps were in operation. Prison camps with workers for their farms and factories, yes; but this wholesale killing was a closely held secret by the Hitler hierarchy and the SS troops; most of the regular German soldiers possibly did not know.

I am frightened by people like Martin who refuse to accept documented history. They evidently did not listen in school, either.

Walt Brown

Last gasp: When I wrote my letter (July 20) disputing the so-called "Holocaust," it was with the understanding that my comments would not go unchallenged.

The response, as expected, came quickly.

In the letter ("Holocaust and Effect," July 27) from "Name withheld . . . ," the respondent declares, "The word 'Holocaust' means the attempted annihilation of the Jews by the Germans. . . . The point is, it happened."

No, sir, the point is that it did not happen. The point is that credible evidence for such a monstrous undertaking is nonexistent.

The point is that the whole bizarre claim is an audacious and malicious lie, now believed by many after decades of continued exposure to ceaseless and unremitting propaganda. And the abundant evidence you mention is mostly bogus; confessions obtained by threats and torture, copies of documents of which the originals were never produced, statements by persons who were offered "deals," wild and often insane accusations by persons seeking revenge. That, pretty much, sums it all up. Hard, verifiable evidence that a program existed, involving "the attempted annihilation of the Jews by the Germans," simply does not exist.

That is not to say that crimes were not committed against Jewish persons. "Name withheld" asks, "How do you explain the bodies in the stoves and documents of human experiments? What about the people who now have tattoos as a permanent reminder of the camps?"

There is no mystery to any of that.

As for tattoos, it should be obvious that if one's intent were to exterminate people, one would hardly waste time and resources by tattooing them beforehand. Even today, more than 55 years later, many of the subjects of this tattooing remain alive. Doesn't that tell you something?

"Name withheld" continues, "The Germans did experiments and executions at random" and closes by saying, "You, sir, need to relearn your history before you show your ignorance again."

Is it necessary to observe that some "experiments and executions at random" do not equate to a program of genocide?

I would suggest to "Name withheld" that he obtain a copy of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century by Arthur R. Butz. The book, first published in 1976, is still available, and has yet to be successfully refuted. And, I might add, it will not be.

Jack Martin

Riff Trade

Prophet statement: I just finished reading the Chuck Prophet interview ("Prophet Ear," Bob Mehr, July 13). Now, I know quite a lot about Chuck -- he's my favorite rocker, after all -- but that was a mighty fine piece of reading.

A great job indeed.

Aljaz Majcen
Lasko, Slovenia

Cutting edge: I just wanted to let Mr. Stephen Paul Green (Letters, July 20) know that the Daggers are not now, nor have we ever been, a part of the "garage punk underground" world that he believes we have come so lately to. We aren't punk rockers. We listen to Poison. We didn't even know you were having a party, let alone did we want to add anything to it. I have no idea what the hell you are talking about, Mr. Green. Let's get real: You obviously don't really know anything about the Daggers or our music. Who is Stiv Bators anyway? Who is this Richard Hell guy?

I've got a brown belt in karate and I know how to use it. This is a pathetic era and you're one of the reasons, old man!

P.S. I'll see you at RAW and Smackdown, sweetheart!

Abe E. Ruthless, Daggers

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