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The Native American music scene gets in tune with a new radio show

Please consider opening you purses and homes for the sake of our art. Adopting a musician can be very rewarding. They're often cleaner than pets, many are house-trained and they can be almost as entertaining as children.

Wings Over Emerald: With the rash of tribute bands popping up in the Valley, it seemed that the following development was inevitable. Les Payne's Chris Pomeranke and James Karnes, Trunk Federation's Chris Kennedy and New Times scribe and Pennydrop guitarist Gilbert Garcia, along with performance artiste Vic Masters, have announced their new project, Bluebird -- a group being billed as the "true Wings experience."

Perhaps an alternate moniker should've been America's over Wings, since so few people seem to actually give a damn about Paul McCartney's much-maligned post-Beatles combo.

Casper kicks off KRXS' Native Nights this Tuesday.
Casper kicks off KRXS' Native Nights this Tuesday.

Addressing that problem head-on, Masters says, "First we'll play all the songs people won't admit to remembering. Later, we'll play the ones they won't admit to liking."

In addition to well-known numbers like "Live and Let Die," "Band on the Run" and "Jet," the group will also be dusting off chestnuts like Denny Laine's Wings vocal showcase "Go Now" and the rarely-played-live "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey," complete with complex changes and the lush tones of a kazoo orchestra.

Bluebird makes its debut (and pending how things turn out, maybe its only) appearance Wednesday, August 23, at the Emerald Lounge. Showtime is 9 p.m. And just like the real Wings, there will be no opener. Thumbs up!

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