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Shadow Hours descends into film noir hell zone

There are precisely two things that could have pushed Shadow Hours over the edge from enjoyable B movie to cult classic, and both may have been subpar because of a lack of funds. First, the cinematography. It shouldn't be too hard to make a gas station at night look interesting, or the various dark nooks and crannies of S&M clubs, but Boxing Helena cinematographer Frank Byers' work is strictly generic: Many of the images seem like exact copies of those seen in inferior drivel like Body Shots. Second, the soundtrack, which again brings back awful Body Shots flashbacks. While many artists are credited for contributing songs, it seems as though there's one endless, in-your-face techno beat that doesn't let up during the gas station scenes. Anyone who has ever worked graveyard can tell you that such shifts are never fast-paced, as the music implies: Lou Reed or Medicine would have been a better choice, or, if it had to be electronica, The Orb.

Fight Club redux: Peter Weller stands tall and looks tough in Shadow Hours
Fight Club redux: Peter Weller stands tall and looks tough in Shadow Hours


Rated R

So Shadow Hours must stand simply as an impressive B movie. Compared to what we've seen lately, however, that doesn't seem like a bad achievement by any means.

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