Jamie Warren claims his football coach at Scottsdale Community College ran a drill in which he was speared in the back during practice. The ugly incident has unleashed a flood of allegations in Artichoke land.

SCC accounting director Carl Couch says he only recently learned that coaches were selling players athletic clothing. Couch says such a practice is improper.

According to Stahl, the coaches would receive money from the athletes, pay for the products and would have money left over.

"At the end of the season, they may have some money left over and they said what they have done is have a barbecue for the whole team," Stahl says. "They have said they can't provide food for a team because of the out-of-state players and all of those rules, so they charge the students a dollar or a couple of dollars to come. The rest of that cost would be subsidized from any money that is left from the purchase of those clothes."

Jamie Warren has quit the SCC football team.
Paolo Vescia
Jamie Warren has quit the SCC football team.
SCC assistant head coach Sanford Lee Rodgers makes a point to a player.
Paolo Vescia
SCC assistant head coach Sanford Lee Rodgers makes a point to a player.

The barbecues have likely been the highlight of the previous four seasons -- the SCC team won a total of seven games. The Artichokes have won their first two games this year.

Under Giovando, the team has had at least two games that were marred by an unusually high number of penalties and fighting.

In 1996, officials stopped the Scottsdale versus Snow College game in Ephraim, Utah, after Scottsdale exhibited numerous examples of unsportsmanlike conduct. As a result, Snow was awarded the victory by forfeit with 5:08 remaining.

Last year, the SCC-Mesa Community College game degenerated after the Scottsdale players flipped the bird toward the Mesa players prior to kickoff. According to an account in the Arizona Republic, the teams combined for 36 penalties for more than 400 yards. Scottsdale was flagged for eight 15-yard penalties -- either personal fouls or unsportsmanlike conduct -- in the first half alone. Three SCC players were ejected.

Some SCC players who were at the game say Giovando joined his players in making the obscene gesture prior to the kickoff. MCC athletic director Benedict, who attended the game, says he doesn't remember the bird-flipping incident. Benedict, however, says he was disappointed with how the Mesa players reacted to Scottsdale's behavior during the game.

"What Scottsdale does, that's another thing," Benedict says. "You can't let another team dictate the game to you. If they do that, then you are no better than the other team."

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