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Author Neal Pollack returns to the Scottsdale of his existence and teams with Dave Eggers to take on Big Publishing

Pollack also sells books on his tour. Most of the turnout has been the "McSweeney's type," which Pollack describes as the college-educated, late-20s/early-30s "indie rock crowd."

The local stop on his tour will be a literal homecoming.

Pollack is returning to Saguaro High School at 4 p.m. on October 23 for a homecoming ceremony complete with a band and his former teachers. When asked if he was popular at Saguaro, Pollack says, "Only if you consider being widely despised as a synonym for popularity."

The book, in all its glory.
The book, in all its glory.

Nonetheless, he is trying to persuade the principal to dedicate a drinking fountain in his honor. The dedication is modestly satirical, but it is, at least, a first step on Pollack's journey to literal, non-bogus fame.

"I don't think that after doing this book I'll be interviewing Kate Hudson poolside," he says. "I don't see that happening."

He considers.

"As much as she wants me to. I mean, I've been getting calls from her agent, and I'm like, 'Look, I'm on my book tour, all right? I'll see you in L.A., at the Viper Room, when I'm done!'"

He pauses. "You got me on a riff there. It's a Jekyll-and-Hyde thing."

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