Week of October 12th

Issue 2: Can a private citizen or group discriminate against people for any reason they feel like? Yes. The First Amendment gives private citizens the right to discriminate for any reason they want.

But Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano doesn't get either issue. If the City of Tempe helps employees give money to charities, then it should help them to give to any charity they want, even if the charity is a politically incorrect, homophobic, racist group like the Boy Scouts or the Ku Klux Klan.

I dislike the Boy Scouts and the KKK for their constitutionally protected homophobic and racist beliefs, but I dislike even more government officials who ignore their Constitution and discriminate against these groups.

Chris Acuma

Dress Rehearsal

Moon over Buffalo: Thank you for Robrt L. Pela's hilarious "A Guide to Cultural Crudity" (Stage, September 28).

As a native of Buffalo, New York, with a master's degree in theater, I have worked on and attended a multitude of shows both in Buffalo and in New York City. Since New Yorkers take theater seriously, I am accustomed to seeing the audience dressed to the nines and behaving respectfully throughout the performance. After moving to Phoenix six years ago, I attended a touring production of a Broadway musical. I nearly fell over when I saw men and women wearing cut-off denim shorts, Hawaiian shirts, tank tops and sandals. Worse yet, many of them were acting like they were in their own living rooms, talking incessantly throughout the show. Sad but true, my hometown -- tiny, industrial Buffalo -- has much more sophisticated theatergoers than the megalopolis of Phoenix.

C'mon, people, the only time it is acceptable to wear shorts to the theater is when it's Shakespeare in the Park!

Deborah Hewett-Elson

Crash Course

Critical force: I would like to comment on Kathleen Vanesian's article "No Big Bang, A Big Gong" (September 21). I first have to say that a lot of things that Kathleen wrote about I myself have felt in participating in the art events here. However, it is one thing to preach to the choir, but to kill the choir and then kill the audience is another thing. The art criticism in this town is pathetic, boring and childish. I think these writers have forgotten that these outlets are for the public to read, learn and want to investigate or participate in art. The art of writing for publications such as New Times and the Arizona Republic is to assist in the public's experience with the art and to help them understand where they can have these art experiences. Once the public gets there, they should be able to form their own opinions and ideas on what this art experience brings to them. I challenge the art critics in this town to grow up and really support the arts, not tell us what they think is good or bad art.

Sherrie Medina

True to Your School

Rah deal: I'm an ex-fullback from the 1981-1982 Scottsdale Community College Artichoke football team, which was the last team to win a conference title, in 1982. I just want you to know I played for both coaches Ken Giovando and Lee Rodgers. I was at the University of Southwestern Louisiana with Rodgers in '83. Both guys are outstanding coaches. I remember the two as upstanding coaches who would never do the things I have read about ("Speared," John Dougherty, September 14).

I remember "Gio" would get on my butt all the time about sportsmanship. He wanted you to play hard but not dirty. So unless something has changed in the past 19 years, these allegations are false.

This is not a game for girls. If you want to play with the girls, go play basketball. In my day, you didn't run off the field crying about shit like that; you lined up and kicked ass until you couldn't stand up anymore. That's what it's all about, bubba. These kids today don't know how to stay tough. What happens on the field stays on the field. That used to be the code of honor.

Chris Austin
Apache Junction

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