What a Gas!

Consumers are rushing to get in on the state's new bi-fuel rebate program

The home refueling systems cost about $7,800 plus another $2,000 to install; the state will refund the entire cost. The system taps into the natural gas line running into the home, and, through the use of a compressor, will refuel a natural gas vehicle at the rate of one gallon per hour.

The cost of natural gas under the FuelMaker system works out to about 94 cents a gallon, including taxes and maintenance expenses. In addition, Southwest Gas charges $18.50 a month for the use of a special meter.

The FuelMaker systems are distributed in Arizona by AZ Star, located at 3820 East Winslow in Phoenix. Rayner says the company requires a $6,175 deposit for the system. The systems have been especially popular with purchasers of the natural-gas-powered Honda Civics, says Rayner.

"People are taking out home equity loans to cover the cost knowing they will get the money back from the state," Rayner says.

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