From the week of November 2, 2000

Mr. Abernethy told of a male client hitting on him, a married man with children. I also can give you examples of women flirting with me, knowing that I am a gay man in a committed relationship, and telling me that they can "change my mind." I even heard once upon a time that a heterosexual man propositioned a married woman. Again, this behavior is not endemic to homosexuals and is irrelevant to his argument.

Mr. Abernethy's judgment has been understandably clouded by a horrible incident inflicted upon him by a child molester. The danger, though, is labeling all bad behavior committed by a homosexual as homosexual behavior, when in fact it is bad behavior, incidentally committed by a homosexual. When we characterize gays by including anecdotes that heterosexuals are just as guilty of -- and often more guilty of -- then we unfairly prejudice the argument. And that is precisely what prejudice is: fear, misconception, misrepresentation and ignorance.

Name withheld by request

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