Naked Sitting

'Annie Leibovitz's Nudes' uncovers new territory

While Leibovitz does spurn our usual notions of the pinup beauty, it is a shame she doesn't carry this one step further and use someone other than physically fit dancers and athletes to get her point across. Any student of Life Drawing 101 will tell you that perfectly tuned bodies are easy on the eye but are also quite boring. What is really needed to get the creative juices flowing are the curving, slouching, sagging, gravity-yielding figures of the other 99.9 percent of the population.

Photographs from "Annie Leibovitz's Nudes" at Amore Mills Gallery.
Paolo Vescia
Photographs from "Annie Leibovitz's Nudes" at Amore Mills Gallery.


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Who needs symmetry and proportion when paunches and flab are there for the taking? If Leibovitz is truly concerned with changing our own perception of what type of female body is considered beautiful, why rely on bodies that fit the stereotypes created by industries that exploit such beauty?

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