Moment of Truth

A Goonie no more, Corey Feldman is searching for his soul as a rock musician

NT: You talked about Hollywood being cutthroat. How is the music business any different?

CF: The differences to me are that when you're an actor, you're a hired gun. You read words off a page that someone else wrote. Even if you are directing, there are still 500 people involved in the creative process. With music, it's stuff that comes from somewhere in your brain, and you get to perform it, right there, and get immediate feedback. On the business end, my music is still a very grassroots kind of thing. I've thought about trying to sign with a major label. I really just want to pursue whatever route lets the most people hear and enjoy the music.

NT: Hunt Sales, who drums on a song on your record, played with Iggy Pop and David Bowie. That's pretty good company to keep.

Who's Bad?: Feldman in full-on Michael Jackson mode.
Who's Bad?: Feldman in full-on Michael Jackson mode.


Scheduled to perform on Friday, December 8, with Yoko Love, and Fine China. Showtime is 8 p.m.
The Green Room in Tempe

CF: Hunt and I met up in AA, actually, and I have known and played with him for years. I like the idea of collaboration. Plus, people like Hunt certainly add an element of credibility that helps when you're an actor and people assume you can't possibly have any talent as a musician.

NT: By having your name so prominently attached to the music, you are inviting people to say that you are exploiting your own celebrity.

CF: I think a lot of actors do want to be rock stars, for various reasons. But I know in my case, it's not an ego thing, I really love writing music. Even if the album tanks, the tour is a complete failure, people tell me I'm trying to use my position as an actor to become a rock star -- whatever -- it won't matter, because I will still be making music, even if it's just for myself.

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