Fly Me to the Moon

Why Kubrick's 2001 was a cosmic dirty movie

But there's another side to the film. Kubrick endowed the spaceships themselves with an almost tender sexual nature. The docking of the passenger craft with the space station, to the "Blue Danube Waltz," feels like a courtship, and Jung-minded commentators are quick to point out that the spaceship on which the heroes (Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood) and HAL travel toward Jupiter resembles a giant sperm cell heading toward an enormous cosmic ovum.

You big baby: The star-child in 2001.
You big baby: The star-child in 2001.

The result of this "conception" is ambiguous -- it could be just a higher form of killer, after all -- but it's at least potentially redemptive and optimistic: that aforementioned fetus, drifting toward Earth, eyes wide open.

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