Hacked Off

The flimsy techno thriller Antitrust does nothing to boost Ryan Phillippe to stardom

With very few exceptions, performances are all as credible as they can be, given the preposterous nature of the material as drawn. Cook and Forlani do a superb job of keeping Milo -- and us -- guessing about their potentially cruel intentions, and Roundtree is perfectly unsettling in his small role. Robbins is a treat, crunching potato chips and mumbling about toy train sets while attempting to take over the world, and the aforementioned Tso -- who only recently entered features in 1998 with Past Perfect -- could do with chunkier roles in the future.

Strangely, the sourest notes come from Phillippe, whose presence on the big screen is still a mystery after such bad-boy trifles as The Way of the Gun and Nowhere. For all the yuks, however, it's pretty easy to forgive him, especially when he openly admits, "I don't know what I'm saying! All I know is all these ideas keep flying in!"

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