From the week of January 18, 2001

I hope and pray that the U.S. Attorney's Office will be flooded with letters and telephone calls to prompt it to continue this investigation. How can a vice chairman of the tribal council appoint the treasurer by himself just to purchase a vehicle for his personal use? It's like dealing with a communistic government, and if you speak out, you can bet that your life will be threatened, just like what happened to Ms. Faras and myself.

Call to Action was a group that was started to help with constitutional reform. However, Gail Haozous, claiming she founded the group, had ulterior motives. She used this group to try to get a name for herself and ran for the tribal council, but she lost during this election last November. Today, she has only a handful of people supporting her cause, and the people have moved on.

Justice and fairness are all that we ask for from the Apache people. Maybe someday we'll finally smarten up and elect wise tribal members to lead our people. Perhaps the message will be heard by the newly elected tribal officials and they won't be influenced for political favors. The tides of justice are finally rolling. And yes, life does go on and so does my belief in the First Amendment -- the right to speech, press and religion.

Sandra Rambler

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