Lesser Matters

"Uncle Leo" in the Valley for role in stage production

Does he mean Alice Cooper, by any chance? "Yes! Very nice, very nice guy! I was expecting a weirdo, but he was anything but!"

Lesser's notoriety even follows him to our booth at LEO. While we're putting away what we can of the pricey, hearty, overscaled sandwiches -- not to mention the chopped liver, which, whether from chicken or cow, is very tasty -- two managers from the place approach us. They give Lesser a cap that reads LEO, and ask if he'll pose for a picture. The manager isn't slow on the take -- "I would probably put it up," he says, "to show that Leo eats at LEO."

Lesser graciously complies, and after the managers leave, he also allows me to snap a couple of shots. When I sit back down, I apologize for the interruption. He shrugs.

Len Lesser
Len Lesser

"If they want to take this ugly punim, what the hell."

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