Be Here Now

The And/Ors don't need a past as long as they have a future

The approach also helped the And/Ors prepare for the tour. They're very comfortable and familiar with their material, and Black feels confident they're able to perform live without succumbing to the usual hesitations and mistakes that afflict a band with their type of short history. "What you hear on the record is what we sound like right now," Black says. "You know how sometimes you hear a record by a band and when you go see them it sounds about three times less competent [than the record]? Well, we only sound about two times less than the record. The album's a good representation of what we do."

The And/Ors: Bringing to mind the Paisley Underground sound of the Dream Syndicate.
The And/Ors: Bringing to mind the Paisley Underground sound of the Dream Syndicate.


Scheduled to perform on Saturday, February 10, with Death Cab for Cutie, and the Jealous Sound. Showtime is 9 p.m.
Green Room in Tempe

It's what the band hopes to continue to deliver over the course of the tour, though Black does have a few thoughts for the future. He's just in no hurry to get there. "We want to play and just work more together," Black says. "We want to try to work out some smaller thematic ideas, like choose three songs that involve a certain motif or idea and then put those on a seven-inch. We want to stretch a little bit before we start thinking about doing another full-fledged album. We have the material, we have a list of about 30 other songs we could probably go through and tighten up, but we don't want to rush things. Everything takes time to fully form, and we're okay with letting that happen."

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