From the week of February 22, 2001

The sport of mountain biking encourages an attitude of mechanized mastery over nature, not environmental concern and respect. On average, a mountain biker travels five times faster than a hiker, and therefore produces five times the environmental destruction. To native animals, large or small, any mountain biker must be terrifying. Perhaps there is another meaning to eco-terrorism.

Mountain bikers, and the lobbyists and apologists for this multibillion-dollar sport, cry discrimination if kept off trails, and continually whine about shared use. No one wishes to exclude them, just their bikes.

Ronald F. Brusha
Glendale, California

Raw's Well

Ann furthermore: This is to inform you and your readers that the Dr. Ann Wigmore Foundation is indeed open. It was never closed as reported in your January 25 article "Raw Deal" ( Eater's Digest, Elan Head ). In September, the board of directors voted off a board member who disrupted and took over Dr. Ann's Web site. Having no Web site for four months was detrimental to the mission and project of Dr. Ann's Living Foods Education.

Dr. Ann originated this program of teaching raw, high-enzymatic, nutritious, organic living foods in Boston in 1963.

Susan Lavendar, director
Dr. Ann Wigmore Foundation

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