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Tempe combo reshapes Television's art-punk sound with a lot of volume and a little bit of pop

While the band members engineered the sessions themselves, they will turn over mix duties to Valley sound guru Jamal Ruhe, who's set to finish up the Americans project before he leaves town (see related item below) at the end of the month.

After that, Holt says, the band members may shop the record to a handful of indie labels to gauge industry reaction, before ultimately, he predicts, releasing the disc themselves.

"Regardless of what happens, we're going to put it out. We'll probably do it ourselves, although it'd be nice to get it distributed through a label. That is, if it turns out good," he adds, joking, "I sure don't want to get it distributed if it sucks."

Making some noise: Loud Americans, from left, Marco Holt, Steve Glickman, Matt Banister and Jeff Gonzales.
Paolo Vescia
Making some noise: Loud Americans, from left, Marco Holt, Steve Glickman, Matt Banister and Jeff Gonzales.
Legendary saxman Steve Lacy hits the Rhythm Room this week.
Agostino Mela
Legendary saxman Steve Lacy hits the Rhythm Room this week.

Holt needn't worry on that last count. Even a cursory listen to a handful of rough tracks shows that the group has managed to make its live wall-of-sound stick to tape.

"That's always the hardest part," he adds. "Just getting down what you really sound like. And we're not experts by any stretch, but I think we've gotten it close enough that we're satisfied. And that's all that really matters."

The Loud Americans are scheduled to perform on Saturday, March 3, at the Lucky Dragon Restaurant in Tempe, with the Real Diffs Deluxe, and A Starlit Pond. Showtime is 9 p.m. Texassed Out: Spring is right around the corner, and that means another South by Southwest music conference. Sadly, this year's event -- which runs from March 14-18 in Austin, Texas -- is marked by a dearth of Arizona bands. While part of that is because several of the best local groups missed deadlines or did not submit entries at all, it's still a disappointing turnout for desert acts that seemed to be passed over en masse in favor of bands from the Netherlands.

Among the 'zonies who did make the cut are Tucson-based, French indie-folk tandem the Amor Belholm Duo, former Doo Rag member turned solo artist Bob Log III, Tempe's Gas Giants, who will appear courtesy of music publisher ASCAP, local faves the Pistoleros, Phoenix Christian synth-poppers Fine China, and rap-rockers the Phunk Junkeez.

Look for New Times to provide full local and national recaps of all the artists and festivities in the coming weeks.

Sax Sells: Valley jazzniks should turn their attention to the Rhythm Room's calendar this week as Steve Lacy makes a rare Valley visit this Saturday, March 3. The legendary soprano saxman has been one of jazz's premier innovators for the past 40 years, having shared stages and studios with the likes of fellow cutting-edge artists Thelonious Monk, Gil Evans and Cecil Taylor. Lacy -- who has been living in Paris for the past three decades -- will be bringing his combo into town for an early 6 p.m. showtime. Bluesman Big Pete Pearson will headline the club's late-night bill.

Au Revoir, Mon Jamal: As we've reported previously, local music fixture Jamal Ruhe will be bringing the curtain down on his "Farewell Tempe" tour this weekend with a show at Nita's Hideaway. Ruhe will dust off his much-loved dream-pop trio Sleepwalker -- which features steel-guitarist-to-the-stars Jon Rauhouse -- for a final gig this Saturday, March 3. The band will perform a middle slot sandwiched in between the Slow Down and a headlining set from Lance Lammers' new/old outfit Seven Storey. Showtime is 9 p.m.

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