Two for the Show

Rockabilly Hall of Famer Jody Reynolds kicks off a new tour with friend and hometown legend Al Casey

"And now with the writing, I've finally, over the last few years, got to where I can write a song every day. Now, it might not be good, but I can get one out."

But the ones he's getting out are good enough to shop around: Reynolds recently sold two songs for the soundtrack of an upcoming Whoopi Goldberg flick, and on the strength of his recent Hall of Fame induction and the Tru-Gems collection, he's touring the West and Southwest, working out his chops again. He kicks it off in Phoenix playing with collaborator Al Casey; and suddenly, everything old is new again.

But the man's radar is always on; 40-plus years of writing songs will do that to a kid from Oklahoma. When this writer tells Reynolds that he's only got a few loose questions, sort of like lights on the water to navigate by, his ears perk up.

Jody Reynolds, seen here in his late-'50s heyday.
Jody Reynolds, seen here in his late-'50s heyday.


Scheduled to perform on Tuesday, March 13, with Al Casey. Showtime is 8 p.m.
Rhythm Room

"Now that's a good expression, 'Lights on the water.' I might use that," he says, warming up, still working. "The only trouble you run into is rhyming 'water.' After you get 'water' and 'daughter,' you're pretty much out of options, so you'd have to sneak it in the middle someplace. But that's a good one. I could use that in a song."

No doubt he could.

Here is Jody Reynolds. Go, cat, go.

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