From the week of March 22, 2001

Museum Piece

Arty fact: In Edward Lebow's recent article "Artistic Differences" (March 15), a former Scottsdale Cultural Council board member states: "Last month Susan Stamberg did a piece on Turrell for National Public Radio, and plugged the show. This month, I hear that the New York Times will probably be covering it. What other museum in town is getting that kind of play for contemporary art?"

Well, I have the answer. The Arizona State University Art Museum.

Not only was the ASU Art Museum's traveling exhibition on "Contemporary Art From Cuba" featured by the Wall Street Journal, NPR and twice in the New York Times (once in the New York Times Magazine by Amy Silverman of New Times), but the group tour organized by the ASU Art Museum that attended the 2000 Havana Bienal was recently featured on CNN.

And the exhibition by Tempe artist Jon Haddock, which was first covered by Kathleen Vanesian in New Times last October, has also garnered its fair share of international press. Recent articles about his "Screenshots," which to date have only been exhibited at the ASU Art Museum Experimental Gallery, have appeared in Newsweek, Yahoo! Internet Life magazine, METROPOLIS, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Computer Gaming World, Salon.Com, PC Gamer, and the April issues of WIRED and SPIN.

Not to mention the numerous articles by national press on the past exhibitions "Sites Around the City," "Bill Viola: Buried Secrets," "Art on the Edge of Fashion," "Jim Campbell," and the ASU Art Museum's annual short film and video festival, just to name a few.

John Spiak
Curatorial Museum Specialist
Arizona State University Art Museum

Sloppy Joe

Campaign wishes: I would like to clarify one statement about Robert Nelson's article "Web Feat" ( This Just In, March 15). The situation that Nelson speaks of regarding the possible fines from the County Attorney's Office is in regard to donations made to Tom Bearup's campaign. It is civil in nature, not criminal. I allegedly contributed more than the $320 limit. Turns out there is a campaign law in which the party that did the donating can be held civilly liable for three times the amount of the contribution over the amount of $320. Karen Osborn, director of the Maricopa County Elections Department, makes statements in her affidavit that she is not qualified to make and that are misleading and unfounded.

There was no mishandling of money on my part, as Karen Osborn is trying to portray with her sworn affidavit. I, in fact, had nothing to do with Tom Bearup's preparation of any accounting, campaign finance records, donations or expenditures during his campaign.

This is just another example of how far Joe Arpaio will go to tell less than the truth and divert the facts from the issues at hand.

Thank God for New Times, because if it weren't for you, no one would ever hear the real truth about Sheriff Joke unless He said it was okay first.

Jim Cozzolino

Skinny Tipping

Serves you right: I am so sick of you guys in the food industry complaining about the lack of tips you get from the public ("Tipper Score," Eater's Digest, Alex Neville, March 8). Here's a 100 percent tip for you:

Why did you get this job in the first place? If you knew how the game worked, then why aren't you in a different job?

You act like we, the public, owe you 20 percent just because you smiled and were pleasant. Give me a break. That's standard for any job.

If you don't like the way we play the game, then get another job.

Sirrah Ray

Two cents' worth: Hooray for Alex Neville! I'm sure you will get tons of letters from bad tippers proclaiming their right to have separate checks and their narrow argument that they should not have to tip to pay the servers' salaries.

To those people, as a young woman who put herself through college waiting tables and tending bar, I say: That's the way it is. Stop punishing hard workers who are trying to pay for classes or feed their kids for the industry's faults. You have to tip in this country.

Servers in Arizona make $2.13 an hour. Yes, you read that right, $2.13. That's barely enough to cover taxes.

So the next time cheapskates out there try to decide what they're hungry for, remember my motto: Tip 20 percent or eat at Taco Bell.

And all my thanks to Alex, who gave servers a chance to say what we feel about the ungracious, grouchy, cheap and unendingly demanding minority of customers who can ruin a perfectly good shift.

Name withheld by request

Bum tip: As a veteran restaurant junkie who has eaten at many of the Valley's trendiest eateries for the past 20 years, I feel Mr. Neville's article omitted a few points when it comes to food service and tipping.

First, an appropriate tip of 15 percent to 20 percent is not calculated on the total bill. It is figured on the subtotal before tax. This is the portion of the bill on which the server should be rewarded for her or his effort, not the portion that goes to the government. Second, a tip is a reward for good service, not an entitlement that the server gets just for showing up at your table with a pulse.

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