Auto Erratic

SunCor filed a lawsuit, and wound up getting slapped with a $28.6 million jury verdict

Yet Bergstrom is breathing a sigh of relief. He says he had neglected his business and family in Wisconsin for six months to focus on the court case.

"This project was very, very dangerous for us, for us to take that kind of risk. It was scary," he says. "It would have been fine if [SunCor] had done what they said they'd do. But they didn't."

He's not impressed with the business atmosphere hereabouts.

Michael Manning: "The level of fraud here was amazing."
Casey McKee
Michael Manning: "The level of fraud here was amazing."

"It's left a sour taste," he says. "I think in the Phoenix business environment and how they do business, he who has power can do whatever he wants. That sort of scares me."

Of course, a closer like Michael Manning can quell a lot of fear.

Manning tells me that a week into the trial, when things were going dreadfully for SunCor, he offered to settle the case for $3 million. SunCor's legal team said its client was willing to settle, but only if Bergstrom paid SunCor $1 million.

Manning rolls his eyes and smiles.

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