Seven Year Itch

The Toadies aren't licked despite a marathon wait for the release of their sophomore album

"There are no songs anymore," Vogeler adds.

"I went to Best Buy today to buy some blank CDs so I could burn about 50 CDs before Napster shuts down," Reznicek says. "While I was there, I went to see if there were any new releases this week, and they have this one long row of what's hot or what's on sale, and it was all crap. There's, like, fuckin' two million manufactured teeny-bop bands I've never heard of before, and they all have terrible names. It's all about what you look like now. I'm afraid kids are going to grow up and feel like, 'I don't need to nurture any talent I might have, because I'll just be pretty and wait for someone to discover me and throw me on stage.'"

"It makes you just wanna go out and get breast implants," Umbarger says, and the table laughs.

The Toadies: "We almost didn't survive," says singer Todd Lewis.
Ralf Strathmann
The Toadies: "We almost didn't survive," says singer Todd Lewis.


Scheduled to perform on Wednesday, April 18, with Diffuser, Ennon, and Chet. Showtime is 8 p.m.
Bash on Ash in Tempe

"We're so old," Reznicek says, "the last new record we bought was in the 1970s."

No, they're told, the last new album you released was in the '70s.

"Yeah," Umbarger says, smiling, "we've been around a long time."

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