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Ray Rivera's rules for standup comedy: Handicapped, Hispanic, Homosexual, Humorist

"You know, I'm Handicapped, Hispanic, Homosexual, and a Humorist," he says with a crooked smile, "and I talk about everything I am because that's all I know. I've been really lucky in that I've not been hassled by homophobics. Or, for that matter, disabled bashers."

Alter boy: Jester Ray Rivera.
Paolo Vescia
Alter boy: Jester Ray Rivera.

At the end of the day, Rivera considers himself fortunate. "Sure, my life hasn't been easy or great," he says, "but I think because I have a naturally funny, kind of skewered outlook on things that has gotten me through the horrible stuff. It's funny; people are still very surprised by the presence of someone onstage with a disability. The disability, believe it or not, has actually opened doors for me."

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