Joe Dirt

Make mine a venti -- and hold the pigeon poop

These days I snort with contempt as I drive past the old hangout on my way to the new. I doubt it mourns my absence. It's always packed. Obviously, many people would never dream of looking elsewhere.

Now, there's another new place on the horizon -- the California-based Coffee Bean, soon to be popping up everywhere. Those who have been there speak of it with a reverence usually reserved for sites of religious importance.

I'm willing to give it a try. Who knows? One day I may even defect. There's something for everyone out there. Coffee drinkers are a nomadic tribe, easily lured, easily distracted. There will always be something new and entirely different just around the corner.


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John Roark is a freelance writer whose aversion to pigeons has left him cowering under tables. Given time, medication and weekly therapy, he may one day feel safe drinking his white chocolate mocha outdoors.

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