Big Enough to Reappear

Moris Tepper talks about crickets, vampires, and how everything falls beautifully apart

NT: What?

MT: Insects, definitely. Yeah, that's a good theme. The future always favors change, and being the unit that can effect change most gracefully. And humans aren't always as good at it as, say, a cricket. I'm not gonna say an insect's a machine, but the living unit that most resembles a living, changing machine is the one that's most favored in natural selection. I mean, I look at animals for examples of how I should be. I look at the animal world, and that's where I draw my religion, my morality from. Like these tortoises here at my house . . . I think when we last spoke the tortoises were up, and they've been down in hibernation for six months, and now they're up again, and they're grooving hard. They're heavy creatures. They're sensitive, and they're very deep. They follow me around; when they hear my voice, they react. It's pretty cool. I love animals, and there's always that feeling of intense pain when they die, and tortoises seemed like a way of ensuring that wouldn't happen, you know? They're going to live beyond me.

So I guess all I'm saying is, if we're talking about the future, I'm investing in insects. In my dad's day, it was aluminum siding. Today it's insects.

Moris Tepper: Guitarist, singer, songwriter, philosopher and insect investor.
Steve Cormack
Moris Tepper: Guitarist, singer, songwriter, philosopher and insect investor.


Scheduled for Thursday, April 26. Showtime is 9 p.m.
Nita's Hideaway in Tempe

I lost all my money in E-Toys, anyway. I'm putting what's left into insects.

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