Unpackin' Mama's Pistol

Gun lockers are coming to a public building near you

"They called us," says Manley. "We were ready for them, but they never showed up."

About 30 members of Brassroots did arrive, fully loaded for book, at Glendale's library.

"Most of them were dressed in white shirt and tie," says Jerry McCoy, a city spokesman, "but one guy showed up in hunting fatigues and had a hunting rifle. He attempted to get into the library and he wanted to know why he couldn't walk in with his hunting rifle."

Rand Carlson

"Call me conservative," says McCoy, "but I would be willing to bet that most of our library patrons would not want to see weapons strapped around people's belts in the library. And we have not received any requests for securing weapons except from this group. That's in a town of 220,000."

Taylor says he just wants Glendale, Mesa and other Arizona cities to abide by the new law.

"As long as they're making an attempt to do that, we'll leave them alone."

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