Road Testing

The Living End is a living legend in Australia. Now the band is taking on U.S. audiences.

"It doesn't really mean much to sing about hot rods and girls now," says Cheney. "I just felt that there was more to be said, especially after reading the lyrics of Paul Weller and Joe Strummer. I just found that it was easier and more challenging to write songs about social issues than vent my own personal demons. That never really did much for me. 'Oh, the world is so terrible, and my life is such shit . . .' That never applied to me. I always found it good to write a bit of a story, maybe stretch the truth a little bit, but base it on something that's actually happened. It comes from newspapers, or hearing a story, or maybe I'll see something written on a wall and think, 'That's a great title for a song' and base it around that. There are no set rules, and that's the beauty of music, I think."

The Living End: Australian for rock.
Danny Clinch
The Living End: Australian for rock.


Scheduled to perform on Thursday, July 19. Showtime is 9 p.m. The band is also set to perform on Tuesday, July 24, at the Mesa Amphitheatre opening for Green Day. Showtime is 7:30 p.m
Rialto Theatre in Tucson

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