Loud, White and Blue

After four attempts at recording an album, the Loud Americans are finally getting heard

Collectively, however, the Loud Americans are suffering from the aftereffects of recording these songs one too many times. "We're pretty much sick of the CD and we're slowly coming up with new stuff," says Gonzales. "As far as writing new stuff, I think it's natural when you've got four people wanting to try new things and are always unsatisfied, it's just gonna keep getting better and better. Good bands should evolve."

One odd evolution is that the Loud Americans have lost some of their underdog status. The band recently won in the Best College Rock Band category in New Times' Music Showcase, a fact that the noncompetitive combo doesn't make mention of unless asked. "Reportedly it was a 4 to 3 victory," laughs Holt. "We had four guys in the band and Reuben's Accomplice only had three, so . . ."

Perhaps it was the gamely fashion in which Holt ran all the way home to get some microphones -- only minutes before their showcase set began -- because the van containing the sound man's equipment was towed. Then the Valley Art Theatre experienced a power outage before the Loud Americans could begin their final number. "I didn't know the bridge of that song, so I guess I used The Force," says Glickman.

The Loud Americans onstage during the fuse-blowing 
set at the Valley Art Theatre.
photos by Kevin Scanlon
The Loud Americans onstage during the fuse-blowing set at the Valley Art Theatre.


Scheduled to perform on Wednesday, July 25, with the Churchills, Dirtbike Kids, and Shotstar. Showtime is 9 p.m.
Nita's Hideaway in Tempe

The group is starting to draw more, too, something that's probably a direct result of playing fewer shows and even fewer weddings. "When you play a lot like we have, there aren't people that are going to want to see you every time," reasons Gonzales. "Even people really into your music aren't going to go see you every week. There's parties and getting laid and trying to get laid, that takes up most of your time. Seeing us all isn't a priority next to that."

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