From the week of August 16, 2001

Kevin Belanger

Bag it: I just wanted to let you know that I was very disappointed when ABCO went out of business and sold out to Southwest Supermarkets. They can call it SW Desert Market all they want! It is still a Southwest to me. I can say this because, yes, I have given them a try twice. I have been lucky enough to buy French bread that appeared to be fresh until I got home and cut it open. It was hard and stale. I also have purchased liver cheese lunch meat from them. I didn't notice until I was home that it was a lovely shade of green on some of the pieces. I took it back and had to go through at least 10 packages to find one to replace the nasty one. I told the cashier that the store needed to check its stock. Needless to say, I will drive the extra miles to go to Fry's. I will be happy to see Southwest go, the sooner the better! One last comment: It doesn't matter the culture or race that the store is catering to. What matters is the quality of the foods that are purchased.

Mary Curfman
via Internet

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