Quarterback Sneak

To get the stadium they want, Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill and Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano are playing fast and loose with the rules of the game

He brushes aside the very likely possibility of a legal challenge from Long, which could delay the project for months.

"I doubt that John F. Long will file a lawsuit," Grogan says. "We had a great relationship with Mr. Long. We have great respect with him."

Grogan says he understands why westside interests are attempting to thwart the stadium at this late date. Obviously, those folks are disappointed they didn't land the project.

But they must understand something, Grogan says.

"The TSA board is committed to the site they selected in February," he says.

If that is so, why is the stadium being moved to a location different from the site selected in February?

"No, that's wrong," he says.

"Let me explain. It's important that you understand that," Grogan says leading into a convoluted argument that the "new" site really is the same site, before finally conceding that the stadium is no longer on the parcel that Tourism and Sports Authority approved in February.

"It's not moved entirely off the original site," Grogan contends. "It's still on the original site. Some of it is spilling into an expanded site, which only enhances the site."

Got that?

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