From the week of August 30, 2001

Out of Bounds

Personal foul: I don't believe I have ever responded to a New Times article in the 11 years I have served in elected office in Tempe, but now I must. The story and cover ("Quarterback Sneak," John Dougherty, August 16) is so biased and over the line that it cannot be considered worthy as a news story, or deserving of a factual response. And the comments I heard editor Kristi Dempsey make on a Channel 15 newscast were quite revealing as to the true motive behind your decisions.

As one who has picked up New Times for as long as I can remember, I am familiar with the approach and slant of New Times on current events in our region. But it is disappointing, if not surprising, to see even New Times go this far.

Neil Giuliano
Mayor of Tempe

Position statement: The cover showing Bill Bidwill and Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano in the "positions" they are in is so appropriate. To make the picture even more accurate would have been a caricature of the Arizona/Maricopa County taxpayer squatting in the same "position" in front of Bidwill and Giuliano.

George T. Cole

Tempe tantrum: John Dougherty does a good job of illustrating the (corrupt?) politics of the City of Tempe in regard to the farce/fiasco of the stadium site selection process.

We here in Tempe have unfortunately witnessed many more farces/fiascoes, both current and in the making. Examples would be: the light rail, building hotels and condos (and a stadium) in a flood plain underneath a major airport flight path, destruction of Old Town Tempe, etc.

For Mr. Dougherty and any other ambitious investigative reporters, Tempe represents "The Land of Opportunity." Tempe, I believe, is "boondoggle land." We may think it's funny, but we all pay for it. Let's stop the boondoggles and boondogglers, but first we gotta expose it/them.

Way to go, Dougherty; it's nice to know there's some investigative reporting going on. You did your job. Now it's up to the voters of Tempe. "Ahem, the next problem."

Matt Becker

Valley of the deals: The more I read about this back-room deal, the more I hope it falls through. But I don't expect too much help from our "one who would be governor," the Attorney General, whose top political adviser also happens to lobby for the Cardinals. It just gets chummier and chummier, doesn't it?

Let's hope you can now assign the talented Mr. Dougherty to expose the situation going on in Glendale with the hockey stadium that our mayor foisted on us. Every time I pick up the paper, the City of Glendale is giving away still more to Steve Ellman. I seriously doubt if Mr. Ellman has put up a single cent so far toward this stadium. And why should he? We've handed him the Manistee Center to redevelop; we're buying the Hickman egg ranch for him; and we'll build the stadium now instead of the original agreement that had him building it. All that's left is to buy the land under the stadium, and it wouldn't surprise me at all for the city to announce that any day now. The mayor has mortgaged the city of Glendale for many years to come with absolutely no citizen input, and worse yet, no objections from her rubber-stamp city council, all in the name of future tax revenue. This is a steamroller that also needs to be stopped.

Harold Stoetzer

Cardinal sins: John Dougherty has done an impressive job of investigative reporting regarding the Cardinals stadium issue. It is a great public service for someone to provide the details as John Dougherty has done.

I, too, have been appalled by the constant stream of half-truths, distortions of the truth, and outright lies emanating from team owner Bill Bidwill, Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano, TSA chairman Ted Ferris, and his Tourism and Sports Authority. Their back-room deal reeks of falsehoods and foolhardiness that started in advance of the election and continues unabated even today.

Thank you, John Dougherty (and John F. Long), for your efforts on behalf of the public to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent on a prudent project, if they are to be devoted to promoting Bill Bidwill's cellar-dweller-by-design Cardinals at all!

John Piersa
via Internet

Bottom line: I have been publishing a small tabloid in the Sedona area for 12 years. I have always used outrageous headlines to get people to pick up the paper. I have read your paper at times, each time in appreciation of the seemingly unbiased reporting. While your article on the stadium controversy seems a little slanted for the developer, John F. Long, your obvious choice for a cover is demeaning and serves no purpose but to remind readers of the Tempe mayor's sexual orientation. You've lost your objectivity and with it your credibility by blatantly pandering to an audience you might otherwise not have reached for the love of the dollar. Shame on you!

Thom Stanley


Ewers truly: The world is full of crooks and crooked government officials who all work together to try to steal from honest, hardworking people, and it sounds like CIGNA might just be some of them ("Contract Killers," Robert Nelson, August 23). The Ewerses' case seems very strong, and I will pray to God that the Ewerses as well as CIGNA both get what they deserve. God bless the Ewers family!

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