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Outspoken abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel faces possible prosecution in multiple patient molestation case

Yedowitz told Haduch a doctor may have incidental contact with a patient's clitoris, but the patient wouldn't report it as rubbing, flicking or repeated touching. The nurse also said there's no reason for a doctor to perform a second breast examination after an abortion.

In late April 2000, Haduch informed Brian Finkel by phone about the allegations of "inappropriate touching" of patients. His report says the doctor denied wrongdoing. Finkel referred Haduch to attorney Rosann Johnson (who was present during Finkel's recent interview with New Times.)

Phoenix abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel.
Phoenix abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel.
Phoenix abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel.
Doug Hoeschler
Phoenix abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel.


Haduch's report says he gave Johnson the names of Finkel's most recent alleged victims, as well as some details of the allegations. On May 10, 2000, Haduch and another detective met with Finkel and attorney Johnson at the doctor's clinic.

Haduch first told Finkel he wasn't under arrest, and that he didn't intend to arrest Finkel even after the interview. The doctor soon explained to Haduch that he has a nurse present in the operating room during every procedure.

Finkel said he examines his patients' breasts to see if the woman is lactating, and to determine if she has had cosmetic surgery. (According to Finkel, abortion may be more discomforting for women with breast implants.)

The detective told the doctor that patients were claiming he'd rubbed their clitorises -- intentionally, in their views -- during pelvic exams. Finkel denied it.

From Haduch's report: "Finkel reports telling the patient that he might be touching their clitoris, so that the patient doesn't think he is taking advantage of them."

For unknown reasons, the detective apparently didn't mention Julie, the woman who had made the oral sex allegations against Finkel only a few months earlier.

Though the doctor had denied guilt, Haduch's police report concluded, "Finkel sexually assaulted the victims by intentionally manipulating the clitoris . . . without a medical reason, and aroused the victim from her sleep by fondling her breasts. Witnesses stated this was a routine practice for Finkel. No accepted medical procedure could be found for Finkel's actions."

Carol, who filed the latest police report against the doctor, says she hopes the County Attorney's Office seeks a grand jury indictment against Finkel.

"I'm not a shrinking-violet little girl, but I was vulnerable that day," she says, "and he took advantage of a situation to get his cheap little thrill."

Brian Finkel hired veteran Phoenix criminal-defense attorney Clark Derrick after his recent interview with New Times. But he says he plans to continue to speak up for himself.

"This is my story, and I'm sticking to it," Finkel says. "I intend to remain just as vigilant in the future as I have been in the past . . . and to make myself available to the people of Arizona who so desperately want me, and seek me out."

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